Captain Roy Reed


Web Sites

FuseSource Training
Special Collections Colby College – Poet Laureate of Maine
Sample Interactive page, audio and graphics
Maine Sculptor Harriett Matthews
Propeller Club of Searsport and Bucksport


Introduction for Fuse Tutorials
Sample FuseSource Tutorial for FuseSource


Searsport Charters
Poster for community service event
Ad Poster for Front Street Pub


2007 Travel Planners Show (except)

Writing, Press Releases, Training and Miscellaneous

Source Transcriptons from Live Presentation
Revised Script for Audio
From the Captain’s Log (Blog Excerpt)
Web Page and PR Extract Document for Marketing
National Maritime Day
Narration Instructions
Captain’s Recommendation Letter
Sailing Ships

Resume Pictures

HMS Galatea
Searsport Charters out of Stockton Springs
Fedele Underway
Fedele at Night
Captain Roy at the Wheel
The Melinda J Aft View
The Melinda J on the Hard for Improvements

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